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Otomi Parables book cover
January 1976
The University of Chicago Press

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Otomi Parables, Folktales and Jokes

H. Russel Bernard
Jesus Salinas Pedraza

This volume includes 20 oral texts from Otomí, collected in the 1970s. Each of the stories in this collection is presented in parallel format in a practical orthography. These texts represent a variety of genres seldom recorded in the field and will be of interest to linguists specializing in Otomanguean languages, typologists and aficionados of oral narrative, as well as to speakers and learners of Otomí.


H. Russell Bernard is a cultural anthropologist specializing in technology and social change; language death; and social network analysis. He is a research professor in the ASU School of Human Evolution and Social Change and the director of ASU’s Institute for Social Science Research.