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"Love in Print in the Sixteenth Century" book cover
April 2014
Palgrave MacMillan

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Love in Print in the Sixteenth Century

The Popularization of Romance
Ian Frederick Moulton

"Love in Print in the Sixteenth Century" explores the impact of print on conflicting cultural notions about romantic love in the 16th century. This popularization of romantic love led to profound transformations in the rhetoric, ideology and social function of love — transformations that continue to shape cultural notions about love today.


Ian Frederick Moulton is Professor of English and cultural history in the College of Integrative Sciences and Arts at Arizona State University. He has published widely on the representation of gender and sexuality in early modern European literature.

Praise for this book

Moulton brilliantly shows how Renaissance love was a powerful emotion that we have largely lost for better and worse.

Guido Ruggiero
University of Miami

Beautifully written and devoid of jargon, Love in Print in the Sixteenth Century is an erudite analysis of love as a broad cultural phenomenon with concrete and tangible effects. This book will interest a host of readers in many disciplines.

Margaret F. Rosenthal
University of Southern California