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Cover of "Furious Lullaby" featuring an illustration of a room with a dog in it
September 2007
Southern Illinois University Press

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Furious Lullaby

Oliver de la Paz

"Furious Lullaby" is both a celebration of and a eulogy to the body in the 21st century. The collection, which examines the larger concepts of salvation and temptation in a world of blossoming strife, includes a series of aubades — dramatic poems culminating with the separation of lovers at dawn. The lovers suffer a metaphysical crisis, seeking to know what is good, what is evil and how to truly know the difference. Knowing, however, invites the terrible into their world. The Devil, a seductive trickster, haunts the landscape as a voice who dares each inquisitor to learn about mortality, morality, the beautiful and the unspeakable through direct experience. "Furious Lullaby" offers a departure from the lighter prose poetry of de la Paz’s "Names above Houses" and preserves the author’ s concern with the nature of human grace.  


Oliver de la Paz earned a Master of Fine Arts in creative writing at Arizona State University in 1999.