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October 2020
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Doodling for Writers

Rebecca Fish Ewan
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Rebecca Fish Ewan

Based on the author’s popular drawing-for-writers workshop, "Doodling for Writers" aims to inspire wordsmiths to play with visuals to enrich their creative process and writing life. Rebecca Fish Ewan combines her wit and wisdom with practical, engaging prompts and activities to illustrate how simple sketching can get you over writing hurdles, bring back memories, develop characters and even provide a roadmap for where your story needs to go.

Full of encouragement and anecdotes, Fish Ewan's cartoon-self, accompanied by a few sidekicks, will guide you through the basics of drawing and then show you how to apply it to your writing process through character sketches, place maps and more. "Doodling for Writers" contains a bonus section about hybrid works of creative writing, and it ends with a collection of resources: suggestions for further reading, pens and pencils to try, and doodlers to follow on Instagram. Says Fish Ewan, ''This book is not about getting writers to abandon their craft so they can become artists. For one, writing is an art form, so they're already artists. For two, this book is about letting drawing enrich their writing life, not replace it.''


Poet/cartoonist Rebecca Fish Ewan's passion is mingling text with visual art, primarily in ink and watercolor, to tell stories of place and memory. She is an associate professor of landscape architecture at Arizona State University, where she also received her Master of Fine Arts in creative writing in 2004.

Praise for this book

“A delightful and wise guide to creative empowerment through the understated power of the doodle. Rebecca Fish Ewan is the perfect drawing buddy, and Doodling for Writers contains a wealth of practical advice to get you drawing and visual perspectives to enrich your writing. It's essential reading for any writer who draws or who aspires to, even if you doubt your artistic abilities. With this book as your companion, you'll be happily drawing before you know it.”

Vanessa Berry
Author of "Mirror Sydney"

“Rebecca Fish Ewan’s 'Doodling for Writers' is a super-fun book, but it’s also subversive, giving a view into the mechanics of creativity while posing as a craft book. Not only will this wonderful volume take a seat on the shelf next to Hillary Chute’s 'Why Comics?,' Scott McLoud’s 'Making Comics,' and Lynda Barry’s 'Syllabus' — it extends the conversation about how visual thinking can help us all.

Elizabeth Kadetsky
Author of 'The Memory Eaters'