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Cover of Cannibal by Safiya Sinclair
September 2016
University of Nebraska Press

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Prairie Schooner Book Prize in Poetry
Safiya Sinclair

Colliding with and confronting "The Tempest" and postcolonial identity, the poems in Safiya Sinclair's "Cannibal" explore Jamaican childhood and history, race relations in America, womanhood, otherness, and exile. She evokes a home no longer accessible and a body at times uninhabitable, often mirrored by a hybrid Eve/Caliban figure. Blooming with intense lyricism and fertile imagery, these full-blooded poems are elegant, mythic and intricately woven. Here the female body is a dark landscape; the female body is cannibal. Sinclair shocks and delights her readers with her willingness to disorient and provoke, creating a multitextured collage of beautiful and explosive poems.


Safiya Sinclair is an associate professor of English at ASU.

Praise for this book

A "stunning debut collection."

Publishers Weekly

"Filled with beautifully rich imagery ... Lyrical and provocative, Sinclair's poems teach the reader in rich language what it means to be 'other.'"

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