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book cover for "Louisian Coushatta Basket Makers"
Traditional Knowledge, Resourcefulness, and Artistry as a Means of Survival
Linda P. Langley

"Louisiana Coushatta Basket Makers" brings together oral histories, tribal records, archival materials and archaeological evidence to ...

Book cover for "Eleutheria"
Allegra Hyde

Willa Marks has spent her whole life choosing hope. She chooses hope over her parents’ paranoid conspiracy theories, over her dead-end job, over ...

Book cover showing animated yellow and orange meteorites moving across the cover with a dark blue background.
How Rocks from Space Led to Life, Culture, and Donkey Kong
Greg Brennecka

The Solar System. Dinosaurs. Donkey Kong. What is the missing link? Surprisingly enough, it's meteorites. They explain our past, constructed our ...

Cover of The Baseball Film by Aaron Baker
A Cultural and Transmedia History
Aaron Baker

Baseball has long been viewed as the Great American Pastime, so it is no surprise that the sport has inspired many Hollywood films and television ...

Synthesis Lectures on Signal Processing
Uday Shankar Shanthamallu

This book introduces basic machine learning concepts and applications for a broad audience that includes students, faculty and industry ...

Cover of Transformations by Kirsti Cole
Change Work Across Writing Programs, Pedagogies, and Practices
Edited by Holly Hassel, Kirsti Cole

As teaching practices adapt to changing technologies, budgetary constraints, new student populations and changing employment practices, writing ...

Cover of Tooth Box by Jenny Irish
Jenny Irish

According to Jessica Cuello, author of "Liar": "'Tooth Box' tells of a girlhood familiar to many — a girlhood of strange cruelties and the ever- ...

Book cover for The Golden Circle
Christopher L. Myers

"The Golden Circle" features returning protagonist, Dr. Joshua Petersen, now President of the George Washington University in Washington, D.C. and ...


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